Lithuanian Beach Ultimate Championship 2020 (mixed)

Результаты турнира

Смешанный дивизион

Дух игры: Shooting Stars
MVP - M: #31 Michał Rudy, AKS zly Kosmodysk
MVP - F: #19 Kamilė Reznikaitė, KossMix

For the very first time we will have Lithuanian Beach Ultimate Championship!

We didn't have Sun Beam this year, so we want to invite all MIX teams to our national beach ultimate championships, which is open for all teams from abroad to participate.

WHEN: 2020 08 01-02
WHERE: Klaipeda, Smiltyne II (UNESCO, one of the best beach in the world).
- Mix Junior (U19)
- Mix

Rules: Official 5x5 BULA Rules


If all team members are 19 years old or younger, team fee is 100 EUR.

REGISTER THE TEAM till 14/07/2020 writing - lsdfederacija [at] gmail . com

Not much time left - DON'T SLEEP 😉