Отменен: xEUCF 2020 Расширенный Финал Европейской клубной серии

Dear European ultimate community,

It is with great sadness that we write to you that xEUCF in Bruges from 1-4 October will not take place. 

Over the last couple of weeks, besides lots of enthusiastic registrations, we received a lot of emails with questions about possible refunds and most of all questions on COVID-19. After several long discussions the EUF board and TOC together decided to cancel the whole tournament.

Most of all there is a lot of uncertainty from the side of the Belgian government and in extension the Bruges City Council, that perhaps just late in August could give us the green light to organize such an international sports tournament, whereas our aim always was to take a final decision at the start of August.

With some nations not being able to get back to game play yet, let alone travel abroad to Belgium, there’s also a great risk of losing lots of intended teams because of the actual regulations in Belgium. Furthermore, with the situation of the corona virus in lots of countries still changing every moment ( new outbreaks ! ) there is the problem of committed teams having to withdraw even shortly before the tournament.

Besides, with the official regulations changing so fast, we might not be able to implement all the additional safety measures which will be required to minimize the risk of infections.

Last argument is that we fear that with such a short game preparation, a lot of players will be prone to injuries.

Although we really regret canceling the tournament, we are sure this is the best decision we could take. We didn’t want to keep you waiting longer than necessary for this final call either. EUF warmly thanks the Bruges TOC and the City of Bruges for their hard work and support in the preparation of the event.

We hope that everyone will be able to get back to local or even national play soon and we dearly encourage that. We are hopeful that internationally we see each other on the fields again next year. 

In the next few weeks EUF will open up various task forces. One of them will have the goal to plan how the EUCS should look like in the short ( next year ), middle ( 2-5 years ) and long term. We would be happy if some motivated female and male players would volunteer to work on the various scenarios for the next seasons. For now, please stay safe !

Grazie e ciao, Oddi


As sad as the cancellation is, it also means that many people will be saving hundreds of euros by not traveling to Bruges. On the other side, the federations that committed to WUGC2020 are losing a high amount of money. So we suggest to the potential xEUCF players to help out your federation with 50, 20 or even 10 euro, if you can. Bear in mind that most work in federations is done on a volunteer level, work that earns your support.