Отменен: Paganello 2020


This is heartbreaking, but we’re here to communicate that PAGANELLO 2020 will NOT happen this year.
After the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and the regulations by the Italian government (regulations of yesterday March 4th), we are obliged to cancel Paganello 2020.

This dream, this experience named Paganello needs to be put on hold, due to preserving the health of the people coming to Rimini and the families/friends of every one of us. The regulations of March 4th expects from us the cancellation of sports events, and here we are.

This year would have been significant for us. This would have been the XXX edition, and this year would have also been the biggest tournament in Europe. Pretty impressive for a Frisbee thrown back in 1991.

Paganello is our family. And this family doesn’t stop here. We are already thinking about what will be Paganello 2021! But mostly, Paganello it’s also YOU, and all the players that every year decide to travel to Rimini to experience what this tournament means for every ultimate player.

More than 130 teams were registered this year, from all over the world, and we wish to see you all again next year on Rimini beach on 3-4-5 of April 2021. Because Paganello will be there once again.

With love
Paga organization and the Rimini players

In order to proceed with the REFUND of the fees, we ask all of you to follow the instructions we sent your captains by email.
In the case you need a declaration of cancellation of the event, please write at info@paganello.com, we’ll provide it to you!
We’re really sorry for any inconvenience that this may have occurred, for any other info, please write at info@paganello.com