After the cancellation of the event in Herning, EUF has been approached by the Lithuanian Flying Disc Federation that was able to gain high governamental funding, in order to run a National Teams Indoor Championship in 2022! Thanks to this incredible support it is possible to organize a high quality event for a symbolic price.

It’s a great pleasure to announce that the European Ultimate Indoor Championships 2022 will happen December 9-11th 2022 (this year!) in the city of Kaunas (Lithuania), organized by the Lithuanian Flying Disc Federation.

Ričardas Zareckis, president of the Lithuanian Flying Disc Federation says  “Indoor sport format is growing and becoming more popular in many sports around the world. For some member federations indoor ultimate is critically important. We hope that this tournament can build on top of the work that has been done for Herning 2022 and not many extra efforts are needed from your side to send a team. 

The event is listed among the most important sport events in Lithuania this year and Lithuanian government will cover most of the expenses related to the championship. This reason lets us offer you a high quality event for the acceptable price – in general only travel, food and accommodation costs lay down on the participant, team fee is more symbolic.”

The TOC is based on the very experienced Lithuanian and Latvian federation’s members, which are the organizers of the local national competition and popular international indoor events like: “Rigas Rudens” (LV), “Vilnius Trophy” (LTU) and “Winter Beach” (LTU). It’s promising to have a really high-quality event.

All teams will be accommodated in the old town of city Kaunas (about 1 hour drive from Vilnius international airport and about 20 minutes from Kaunas international airport). Championship will happen in 4different Venues (large arenas or gyms) around the Kaunas – about 20-30 minutes’ drive from the accommodation place. All transfers in the country will be arranged and covered by the event.

EUIC 2022 will be open for national indoor teams of all interested EUF Members federations  in good standing . The competition will be in the  Open, Women and Mixed divisions, where we target a minimum of 8 teams per division. Members Federation are allowed to register more than 1 team in each division, but the second team will get a spot only if there are still bids available. Registration per federation will close at the end of July 2022, team registration on Ultimate Central will close at the end of July 2022, accommodation and player registrations have to be done by the end of October 2022.

More details and financial considerations will come very soon.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Lithuania in December 2022!