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For 9 years in a row, we were inviting people from all over the world to gather teams, come to Klaipėda and enjoy one of the best beach there is... until COVID-19 hit and stole our beautiful anniversary. We didn't want to celebrate only half full So we decided to take a time-out. Only to bring SUN BEAM back to you this year and play FULL IN! Come celebrate with us, it's our long-awaited anniversary for god's sake! Almost untouched nature, white and soft sanded beach, refreshing sea & local craft beer during the day... mmmm... And only the most fun parties during the night. Yeah, we all have earned the luxury to have a bit of that 😇We can promise that you and your teammates will have an unforgettable summer experience here 💛 as we allow GOOD VIBES ONLY 🤙😉

Important information


  • 15-16-17 of July


  • Smiltynė beach (UNESCO site), Klaipėda city, Lithuania.
    Closest airport - Palanga (PLQ) with direct connections to London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Riga and Kiev.
     Other possible landing options - Kaunas (KUN), Vilnius (VNO), Riga (RIX).


  • miXed (24 teams)



  • BEAM is an amazing place, believe us, you want to be there even when there's no sun. But of course, we are negotiating for some warm sunshine 😉 😎


  • Following current regulations, we will ask EVERY SUN BEAM participant (players, volunteers, staff, etc) to present a valid EU digital COVID certificate for the dates of the event. If your country is not a part of EU, we will ask for an equivalent document (reach out to us by email and we will figure this out). In case some new regulations come into place, we keep the right to change the requirements accordingly. 

Team registration

When registering we will ask you to present:

  • Your team name;
  • Approximate number of players;
  • Home city & Country;
  • Team rep. name, phone number & E-mail;
  • Team photo.

Please, send your applications & questions to sunbeamklaipeda@gmail.com

Fees and Deadlines

Early & late bids have different prices.

Register your team, gather funds & pay before the deadline - save money - book & pay early!

Player Fee: early bid 45€, late bid – 50€, last call – 55€.


How to secure a spot for your team?

1. Registration is open until the 1st of March. On the 7th of March, we will invite 24 teams to participate in SUN BEAM 2022. 

2. The invited teams will be able to secure their spots by paying at least 8 player fees (45€) before the 1st of April. 

3. If you will not secure your spot before the 1st of April, we will ask you to pay the late bid – 50€ per player before the 15th of April or you will lose the spot for your team. 

After securing a spot:

1. If you have secured a spot for your team by paying for only 8 players, we will ask you to pay the fees for all the remaining players before the 1st of June, but the late bid will apply (50€).

2. If you will fail to pay the remaining fees on-time – players will have to pay the last call bid (55€) before the 1st of July. 

3. If after the 1st of July there are players on your team that haven't paid yet, but would like to play with your team – please contact us by e-mail to discuss this possibility personally.