Garuojantys Diskai 2018

Результаты турнира

Смешанный дивизион

Дух игры: Bankė
MVP: Figoras Aidas, Baubas
WMVP: Gintarė Valantiejūtė, DBZ

One intense day of ultimate! 

Just like we like it!

We are using 'fast game' rules:

  • Continues games;
  • No pools;
  • No switching sides after points;
  • No point cap;
  • Time cap 15 minutes;
  • Stalling 8 sec.;
  • Teams 4 vs. 4;
  • Tournament Mixed*/SoftMix* (depends on the number of girls participating); 
  • Substitutes at anytime at center of the field (next to game secretary by giving "high five" to team member).

More information: arturas . petrauskas @ yahoo . com