The 'Stack' is a line of offensive players away from the thrower setup to make cuts. I've actually cheated and shown you diagrams for stacks when I did the diagrams for the force.

The reason for a straight line (mostly straight at least) away from the thrower is to try to allow for nice clean cuts, without 'clogging'.

The concept is that you normally want the front of the stack to be 15 to 20 yards away from the thrower, and the back of the stack to be 10 to 15 yards from the front of the stack. You also want to be at an angle to the thrower to the force side, as illustrated in the diagrams for the force.

"Стек" - это линия образуемая игроками нападения, стоящими лицом к раскидывающему и готовыми делать "каты" (открывания), с целью получить пас. Далее вы увидите изображения "стеков", в зависимости от поставленного "форса".

Суть прямой линии "стека" (в основном прямой) состоит в том, чтобы попытаться оставить как можно больше свободного пространства для "катов" (открываний), с наименьшим сопротивлением защитника, либо с меньшим количеством помех.

Как правило, расстояния между игроками в "стеке" составляют около 15 - 20 метров от первого игрока в линии до раскидывающего и последний игрок в стеке находится на расстоянии около 10–15 метров от первого игрока стека. Все остальные соответственно находятся в пределах между первым и последним игроками (на промежутке 10–15 метров). (Не закончено) ====

Now, normally when you're on offense, you'll call positions. These positions are normally:

  • Short (or handle): These are the people who will be working the disk slowly up the field and will handle the disk most of the time. They are typically the best throwers on your team.
  • Middle: These people are the ones who work the middle of the field and are normally the 3rd and 4th cuts.
  • Longs: These are typically your speed daemons. People who you think can beat their defenders down the field.


Now, there are two common ways to line the stack up.

1. Shorts, middles, longs: Here you line up in the order that it's been called, and the longs will break from the back of the stack, the middles from the middles, and the shorts from the fronts.

Note that if the defense is setup right, several cuts are through defenders and the open cuts are to the break mark side. Also, the numbers that are the same are indicative of cuts being made at the same time.

2. Shorts, longs, middles: Here, you line the longs into the middle of the stack, and the middles at the end. The goal is to have the middle defenders behind you, allowing the easy front cut, and the long defenders in front of the longs to allow the easy deep cut. Shorts still cut from the front and need to shake a defender.

Note here that if the defense stacks up normally, but the middles and the longs should get open on the defenders, as the defenders are hedged the wrong direction.

After that, there are endless variations.

Источник: http://www.bofh.com/other/ultimate/ultimate.html

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