WMUC 2021 World Masters Ultimate Championships

WFDF, AFDA and the WMUC TOC are very pleased to announce new dates for WMUC, to be held on the Gold Coast, Australia from the 5th - 11th September 2021. The WFDF Ultimate Committee and Events Team spent considerable time looking at all options available for WMUC and found postponement a viable option for this masters’ event for national teams. AFDA and the city venue owners and hotels have worked together to enable a large amount of the already spent funds and pre-event planning to be shifted to next year.

All teams already registered for the WMUC2020 are automatically granted team registration bids for WMUC2021. A future registration will open in early January 2021 allowing opportunity for additional teams to opt in to the event and to register.

Team fees already collected for WMUC2020 are not refundable and will be carried over and credited to those same teams taking part in WMUC2021. Most of the Player Fees (approximately 95%) will be refunded within the next two months (note that the % amount may vary depending on exchange rates when transferring funds). The WMUC2020 Finance Officer will contact all team administrators to confirm transfer details. For security reasons, specific and exact details will come via email sent directly to each team from the TOC. All teams are reminded to keep bank account details secure and to wait for a direct email - avoid any fraudulent emails on refunds.

All WMUC2021 event planning and operations (including payment of WMUC2021 player and guest fees) will resume in early January 2021. Updates will be posted to the WMUC event website. WFDF will communicate any further information as and when it is available via email to Team Admins.

Player Eligibility regarding age limits is still in discussion with the WFDF Ultimate Committee at this time and specific information on the topic will be shared as soon as a decision is made.

WFDF would like to give particular thanks to the continued support of AFDA and the TOC TDs Mat and Jack, the Runaway Bay City Council and Cricket Club, the City of Gold Coast and Tourism and Events Queensland and all our event partners, and not least the event teams and players for your continued patience as we work through these details.