U17 & U20 Mixed Ultimate Championships for European National and Club teams 2021

Dear Ultimate Clubs and Flying Disc Federation in Europe!

Since Hungary staying really good in fight against Covid (more than 50% of Citizens are already vaccinated), the hungarian rules let us to organise sport events up to 500person!

We invite al of You for a Mixed Championship for U17 and U20 National and Club teams to Hungary on 12-14th August.

All details can be found in the registration form:

Junior Championships 2021

(All fees are 100% refunded in case of Event cancellations - there arent any "Leeuwarden-risk";)

Hope to see maximum 7teams/divisions in August!

Best regards,


Magyar Repülő Korong Országos Sportági Szakszövetség

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Telefon: +36/20/3490075

Honlap: www.mrksz.hu