EUMCC 2017 European Ultimate Masters Club Championships

Результаты турнира

Mixed Masters

Дух игры: Eintracht Frankfurt Masters

The EUF Board is happy to announce that the European Ultimate Masters Club Championships (EUMCC) will take place in Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt Bid was the best in terms of reachability and scalability according to the number of attending teams.

Masters Club teams in the divisions "Open Masters" (33+ years old), "Women Masters" (30+ years old), "Mixed Masters" (33+ years old) will compete in a 3,5 days long tournament, starting on Sat. Aug. 12th and ending on Tue. Aug. 15th afternoon (this day is a holiday in most of Europe), for the title of European Club Champion. 
This title is assigned in the Masters divisions every 4 years. The results of this tournament will be considered for the World Masters Club Championship 2018 in Winnipeg.

It is planned to have a maximum of 2 games per day for a total of maximum 7 games.

The eligibility rules for Club Masters teams are here. Masters rosters do not fall into the eligibility rules of the EUCS in the Open, Women and Mixed division. This means that a master player may play the EUCS2017 season with an Open/Women/Mixed club team and also the EUMCC2017.