Warsaw Delight 2018

Результаты турнира

Смешанный дивизион

Дух игры: Mint Ultimate, DE

Grandmaster Flash invites you to visit Warsaw and play 7 on 7 Ultimate in the middle of winter.

Full  mixed 7x7
Indoor field 100 m x 37 m (astroturf)
8 teams

There is NO team fee and there are 2 different player fees depending on the option you choose:

1.  Standard (55 euro) - 5 games of Ultimate (45minutes each), dinner on Saturday, lunch on Sunday, party, extras
2. All inclusive (95 euro) -  all that's in standard option + 2 nights at hostel in the city centre with 2 breakfasts + tickets to get to dome

Registration deadline is 30th November