This message is referring to the cancellation of this year’s edition of SandSlash Dębki.

The reasons of this sad decision are obvious, so we won't be focusing on them. Instead of that, we would like to share some pleasant thoughts with you - our main source of energy to fight for this event in the past weeks.

When in May the chances of organising any kind of events weren't looking optimistic, we were receiving messages from invited teams confirming their willingness of participation. Looking at the attached photos of online team-meetings took our breaths away! We saw a great amount of happiness and trust in those emails, which became an inspiration for further research of all kinds of possibilities to make the SandSlash dream come true. We have also received mental support from our friends and Dębki regular attenders. We would like to thank all of you very very much - those who were, are and will be the contributors of this beautiful though difficult history of SSD.

We need some time to sort things out regarding next year’s edition. We will inform you when we get them solved.

Meanwhile we recommend not giving up on your vacations in Dębki on the 20-23 of August. The freestyle jams are still going to take place, so we are planning on going crazy there as well.