EUMC 2019 European Ultimate Masters Championships

The EUMC2019 is for national teams and is planed to be played in Madrid in the divisions 
* Men Masters (Men 33+ years old)
* Women Masters (Women 30+ years old)
* Mixed Masters (Men 33+, Women 30+)
* Men Grandmasters (Men 40+ Years old)

The tournament is planned to start of Thursday Oct. 17th and to end on Sunday Oct. 20th (4 playing days).
In case the attendance would be higher with a more compact format (3 days or in extreme cases just 2 days for some divisions) the ToC is flexible enough to adapt.

Please be so kind and fill this form ( by End of April 2019. If you are in charge for more teams please submit 1 response per team.
The goal of this survey is to understand how many teams per division we can count with and how many days the various divisions can be played. 

Costs are of course highly depending on the number of teams and playing days. The actual budget is completely inline with the costs for other EUF sactioned events of similar size and duration.