Baltic Ultimate Championship 2014

Результаты турнира

Смешанный дивизион

Дух игры: Salaspils FK
MVP: Reinis Ostons, Salaspils FK
Baltic Ultimate Championships is a traditional outdoors ultimate tournament to end the summer, taking place in a different Baltic country each year. This year, we are hosting 12 mixed teams in South Estonia, near Tartu!

Location: Kambja, Tartumaa, Estonia
19 km from Tartu, 75 km from Estonian-Latvian border.
If you need help with transportation from Tartu to Kambja, please let us know when registering.

* 7 on 7 mixed teams
* 3 or 4 girls on the line, receiving team decides

Registration deadline: 08.08.2014
Teamfee: 90 €, deadline 18.08.2014
Player fee: none

Facilities: A full sized football stadium in good condition, with natural grass. Divided into two ultimate fields (100x30m). Shower and dressing rooms are located next to the stadium. Shop 800m from stadium.