Hosted by the famous Dragons, this tournament takes place between January and March each year on the stunning white sands of one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches. Expect nothing but hard fought ultimate on the field, and non-stop fun when you’re not sprinting after the most athletic beach teams on Earth.

Buffet lunch provided every day, and incredible hospitality of the Dragons; be nice to them and you might get an invite to a pig roast. Be sure to hydrate by sipping fresh coconut juice ($2) or a fresh mango smoothie (0.75c) between games; Gatorade can’t beat that. Post-game spirit circles are held in the sea, and with two hour gaps between games, you’re really able to enjoy the location for what it is. And with on-the-beach massage between games for just $8 an hour, everyone can feel like a king or queen on Boracay.